About the project

The Project started 1984 in Sarek National Park in Norrbotten and 1985 in Dalarna-Hälsingland. In 1987 the project became a Swedish-Norwegian collaboration and the southern study areas were expanded into parts of Hedmark fylke.

Study areas and landscape

The project has two study areas. One area is near Jokkmok in Northern Sweden and the second area is in Hälsingland-Dalarna in Central Sweden and Southeastern Hedmark in Norway. We mark bears and conduct intensive research within the red areas. The red lines enclose the areas where bears marked within the red striped areas have been located during the study period.

Goals and ambitions

The primary goals and ambitions of the Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project (SBBRP) are:

  • to document the basic ecology of the Scandinavian brown bear
  • to provide the management authorities with data and our interpretations of the results to help them reach their goals regarding bear management
  • to provide information about brown bears to the general public.

The SBBRP is a cooperative effort involving a permanent group of researchers (the Steering Committee), many researchers who cooperate on specific research questions, and PhD and MSc students. The project is also assisted in some field activities by a number of dedicated volonteers.