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Blood sampling of denning bears for human medicinal research

During spring of 2009 we started collaboration with doctors from Örebro University Hospital (link here). The initial results, which have recently been published (link to pdf here) were very interesting, and based on these it was decided that the collaboration

Jodie Martin’s PhD thesis now available as pdf.

After a longer wait than intended, Jodie’s thesis is now available here.

Allahott hit by train

W0501 Allahott was hit by a train on the 20th of April 2010 and was consequently tracked and put down. Allahott, born 1997, was first captured in 2005 weighing in at 231 kg and was subsequently referred to as a

Congratulations to Andrés Ordiz…

…who successfully defended his PhD thesis on the 22nd of March 2010. The thesis “Reproductive patterns and human-influenced behavior in brown bears. Implications for the conservation of large carnivores” is the 13th thesis from the SBBRP and you will find

Collaboration between the Bear Project and Örebro University Hospital

During spring 2009, the Bear Project and Örebro University Hospital have collaborated for a human physiology study, which compares blood clot formation in human and bears. A short summary of the study is provided here.

Most recent population estimate published

The Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project has now published the most recent population estimate, regarding both growth rate and size for the year 2008. At national level, the population growth rate is estimated at 4.5 % per year (calculated from

Bear killed by train

Around 9pm on Sunday the 14th of June, the female bear Öda was killed in a train collision in Emådalen, Orsa municipality. Öda, who was 15 years old, has been followed by the SBBRP since 2000. During these years, she

11th PhD thesis in the bear project

Jodie Martin, a PhD student from Lyon, successfully defended her PhD thesis on the 7th of May 2009. The thesis (Habitat selection and movement by brown bears in multiple-use landscapes) is the 11th PhD thesis in the SBBRP. Jodie’s thesis

Bear marking season 2009

The bear marking season started on April 6 in the southern study area, and finished on April 29. In the northern study area, the bears have just started to wake up, so the marking season there is about to begin!

“Mitt i Naturen” approaching bears

Gro Kvelprud Moen (Norweigan Master’s student) and Sven Brunberg (Field supervisor at SBBRP) is accompanied by SVT’s “Mitt i Naturen” (Swedish Television broadcasting of nature documentaries) on two experimental approaches of bears in September 2008. The resulting program “Björnforskning i