Four PhD theses defended; three in March 2016!

In December, Marine Plumel successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled “Optimization of quantitative proteomics analytical strategies: application to studying metabolic adaptive responses in various organisms” at the Institut pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien in Strasbourg, France. Then March was a big moth for the Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project, when three candidates successfully defended their theses. The first was Inge G. Revsbech on 4 March. The title of her thesis was “Molecular mechanisms regulating oxygen transport and consumption in high altitude and hibernating mammals in Northern Europe”. The thesis defense was conducted at Aarhus University in Denmark. Two additional candidates were examined on 18 March, Alina Lynn Evans defended her thesis entitled “Ecophysiology of brown bears; basic physiology and effects of hibernation, pregnancy, body mass, and capture” at Hedmark University College in Evenstad, Norway, and Anita J. Norman defended her thesis entitled “Genomic studies of contemporary processes in wild populations with the Scandinavian brown bear as a model” at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå. We want to congratulate Marine, Inge, Alina, and Anita on their well-deserved PhD degrees. Doctoral students in the Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project have now produced 24 PhD theses.