Media coverage of the project

Ole-Gunnar Støen has been featured in “Schrödinger katt”, a science television show of the Norwegian Broadcasting Company (NRK). Ole-Gunnar explained about the experimental approaches of GPS-collared bears and how those bears react to the human presence. Watch the show here: Se Schrödingers katt her.
Andreas Zedrosser was interviewed about “Sex in the bear forest” on the radio station NRK P1 (listen to the interview here: The reporter had read about the SBBRP’s research on bear reproduction and infanticide in an article featured in the magazine of the Norwegian Research Council (see article here:, and subsequently approached Andreas for an interview.
In December a movie called “Till minne av Rapa” (english: “In memory of Rapa”), was broadcasted. It is the tale of Rapa and her cubs and their life in Sarek National Park. Dag Jonzon and Hans Östbom produced this movie between 2004-2008. Rapa was the first bear marked by what later became the Scandinavian Bearproject. She was marked in 1984, and has been followed throughout her life. Read more on
In December 2008 a 30 minutesspecial program was sent in Swedish radio (channel P1) about our research at the Scandinavian Brown Bear Reserch Project. Lasse Willén, well known from “Naturmorgon”, was the producer. The program was called ”Sveriges björnradio. Om Skandinaviska Björnprojektet. Radiomärkta björnar ger forskarna ny kunskap” (in Swedish: Swedish bear radio. About the Scandinavian Brown Bear Reserch Project. Radiotagged bears give researchers new knowledge). You can find more information about the program ( in Swedish) on: