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  • Launch of the new logo!

    We have finally a new logo! It depicts a female brown bear with a dependent offspring. The idea behind the logo is that the bear family shown represents our study species, the brown bear, as well as our main research method, which is to follow females and their offspring.


  • 11th PhD thesis in the bear project

    Jodie Martin, a PhD student from Lyon, successfully defended her PhD thesis on the 7th of May 2009. The thesis (Habitat selection and movement by brown bears in multiple-use landscapes) is the 11th PhD thesis in the SBBRP. Jodie's thesis is available for download here.

  • Media coverage of the project

    Ole-Gunnar Støen has been featured in “Schrödinger katt”, a science television show of the Norwegian Broadcasting Company (NRK). Ole-Gunnar explained about the experimental approaches of GPS-collared bears and how those bears react to the human presence. Watch the show here: Se Schrödingers katt her.

    Andreas Zedrosser was interviewed about “Sex in the bear forest” on the radio station NRK P1 (listen to the interview here: The reporter had read about the SBBRP’s research on bear reproduction and infanticide in an article featured in the magazine of the Norwegian Research Council (see article here:, and subsequently approached Andreas for an interview.

    In December a movie called "Till minne av Rapa" (english: "In memory of Rapa"), was broadcasted. It is the tale of Rapa and her cubs and their life in Sarek National Park. Dag Jonzon and Hans Östbom produced this movie between 2004-2008. Rapa was the first bear marked by what later became the Scandinavian Bearproject. She was marked in 1984, and has been followed throughout her life. Read more on

    In December 2008 a 30 minutesspecial program was sent in Swedish radio (channel P1) about our research at the Scandinavian Brown Bear Reserch Project. Lasse Willén, well known from "Naturmorgon", was the producer. The program was called ”Sveriges björnradio. Om Skandinaviska Björnprojektet. Radiomärkta björnar ger forskarna ny kunskap” (in Swedish: Swedish bear radio. About the Scandinavian Brown Bear Reserch Project. Radiotagged bears give researchers new knowledge). You can find more information about the program ( in Swedish) on: 


  • Bear marking season 2009

     The bear marking season started on April 6 in the southern study area, and finished on April 29. In the northern study area, the bears have just started to wake up, so the marking season there is about to begin!

  • "Mitt i Naturen" approaching bears

    Gro Kvelprud Moen (Norweigan Master's student) and Sven Brunberg (Field supervisor at SBBRP) is accompanied by SVT's "Mitt i Naturen" (Swedish Television broadcasting of nature documentaries) on two experimental approaches of bears in September 2008. The resulting program "Björnforskning i Orsa" (in Swedish: Bear research in Orsa) was broadcasted later that autumn. Parts of the program can been seen at:

  • Jodie Martin's PhD thesis now available as pdf.

    After a longer wait than intended, Jodie's thesis is now available here.

  • Bear killed by train

    Around 9pm on Sunday the 14th of June, the female bear Öda was killed in a train collision in Emådalen, Orsa municipality. Öda, who was 15 years old, has been followed by the SBBRP since 2000. During these years, she has produced four litters with a total of eleven cubs, whereof five have died and five are still followed by the SBBRP. The eleventh cub never received a transmitter, and its fate is unknown. Öda’s mother was euthanized in 1995 following injuries caused by collision with a train in the same area as Öda.

  • Collaboration between the Bear Project and Örebro University Hospital

    During spring 2009, the Bear Project and Örebro University Hospital have collaborated for a human physiology study, which compares blood clot formation in human and bears. A short summary of the study is provided here.

  • Most recent population estimate published

    The Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project has now published the most recent population estimate, regarding both growth rate and size for the year 2008. At national level, the population growth rate is estimated at 4.5 % per year (calculated from standardized hunter derived large carnivore observations during the period 1998-2007). The brown bear population size is calculated using the above mentioned observations as well as the results from the DNA-based monitoring that has been carried out in the majority of counties with a bear population. Nationally, the brown bear population is estimated to approximately 3221 (2950-3492) bears in 2008. More information regarding method and county-based results is available in report 2009-2 (in Swedish). You can find the pdf here.

  • Blodprovstagning på björnar i idet 2012

    I vecka 8 har vi fångat fem ungbjörnar i sina iden, för att ta blodprover till vårt samarbetsprojekt med Örebro Universitetssjukhus om fysiologin hos vintersovande björnar (se tidigare nyheter). Två 2-åriga björnar som är kullsyskon låg i samma idet - det är väldigt ovanligt. Deras mamma hade blivit skjuten förra hösten under björnjakten. Idesmärkningen gick bra och under midsommarveckan ska dessa björnar sövas åter en gång för att jämföra blodproverna.

  • Congratulations Richard Bischof...

    ...who successfully defended his PhD thesis on the 15th December 2009 (Selective harvesting: Short- and long term consequences for wild populations and their management). His thesis is the 12th PhD thesis published within the SBBRP and is available for downloading here

  • Congratulations to Andrés Ordiz...

    ...who successfully defended his PhD thesis on the 22nd of March 2010. The thesis "Reproductive patterns and human-influenced behavior in brown bears. Implications for the conservation of large carnivores" is the 13th thesis from the SBBRP and you will find a pdf of the thesis here

  • Allahott hit by train

    W0501 Allahott was hit by a train on the 20th of April 2010 and was consequently tracked and put down. Allahott, born 1997, was first captured in 2005 weighing in at 231 kg and was subsequently referred to as a "record-breaking" bear.

  • Blood sampling of denning bears for human medicinal research

    During spring of 2009 we started collaboration with doctors from Örebro University Hospital (link here). The initial results, which have recently been published (link to pdf here) were very interesting, and based on these it was decided that the collaboration should continue.

    In February 2010 we carried out captures and blood sampling of seven subadult bears, while they were still in the den. ON June 21st and 22nd all of these seven bears were recaptured in order to do a follow-up of the blood samples taken in February. Everything looks good and now we are awaiting the results with great anticipation!
  • Congratulations to Jonas Kindberg...

    ... who with the successful defense of his PhD thesis on the 30th of September 2010 became the fourteenth person to have completed a PhD within the Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project. His thesis "Monitoring and Management of the Swedish Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) Population", is available here

  • Den captures on SVT's "Vetenskapens Värld"

    This week we have been capturing subadult bears in their dens, to collect blood samples for our collaborative hibernation/physiology study (collaboration with Örebro University Hospital, see earlier news). With us on the captures was a reporting team from SVT's program "Vetenskapens Värld" ("The World of Science, roughly translated). You can find more information on SVT's website (in Swedish).

  • Congratulations to Sam Steyaert...

    ... who with the successful defense of his PhD thesis on the 20th of August 2012 became the sixteenth person to have completed a PhD within the Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project. His thesis title was "The mating system of the brown bear in relation to the sexually selected infanticide theory".

  • Congratulations to Veronica Sahlén...

    ... who with the successful defense of his PhD thesis on the 31st of May 2013 became the seventeenth person to have completed a PhD within the Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project. Her thesis title was "Encounters between brown bears and humans in Scandinavia - contributing factors, bear behavior and management perspectives".

  • Åtelrapporten är nu online!

    Åtelrapporten är nu online! Vänligen ladda ner den i våra publikationer avsnittet. Sök efter nyckelordet "baiting"

    The report on the effects of baitng for huting purposes is now online! Please download it in our publications section; search after the keyword "baiting"

  • Congratulations to Marcus Elfström...

    ... who with the successful defense of his PhD thesis on the 6th of September 2013 became the eighteenth person to have completed a PhD within the Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project. The title of his thesis was "Patterns and mechanisms behind the occurrence of bears close to human settlements."

  • Artikkel om forskning om infanticid omtalt i VG - Scientific paper on infanticide discussed in VG