Three new PhD theses from the Bear Project in fall/winter 2017

We are happy to announce that 32 PhD theses have now been produced within or in cooperation with the Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project.  We congratulate the following new doctors who defended excellent PhD degrees and thank them for their important cooperation to the Bear Project.  They are:

Shane Frank, with a thesis entitled “The effects of harvest on the sociospatial and genetic structure of a solitary-living large carnivore, the brown bear Ursus arctos” defended at the University College of Southeast Norway, Bø,

Annelies De Cuyper, with a thesis entitled “Prey selection and digestive processing in terrestrial carnivorous mammals” defended at Ghent University, Belgium,


Núria Fandos Esteruelas, with a thesis entitled “Short and long-term physiological effects of capture and handling on free-ranging brown bears (Ursus arctos)” defended at the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Evenstad.

Shane and Núria’s theses were produced solely within the Bear Project, whereas Annelies’ thesis was in cooperation with our project.  We wish these new doctors all the best in their academic careers.